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Print Screen...

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Jan 30th 2003#88292 Report
Member since: Aug 31st 2002
Posts: 8
sorry if this was asked before and sorry if this was the wrong place to ask it but...
for DivX (or anyother program really) when I try to take a screenshot with Print Screen and paste it, the movie never comes out in the pictures, just a black screen within the picture of DivX

how do i take a screenshot then? if print screen doesnt work...
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Jan 30th 2003#88295 Report
Member since: Jan 10th 2003
Posts: 12
Use a digital camera?:D
But seriously, I've never heard of this problem; did you check the site?
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Jan 31st 2003#88466 Report
Member since: Aug 31st 2002
Posts: 8
i didnt see it on the site..anyway..i figured it out
its in the display properties, you have to disable the hardware acceleration
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Feb 23rd 2003#92227 Report
Member since: Jul 6th 2002
Posts: 316
hrm... it might be something about the video layering that happens when watching a divx movie on your computer
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