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How to rip Blu Ray to iPad/iPod/Archos/Nokia/PSP/Zune/iPhone

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Oct 15th 2010#200499 Report
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Now Blu Ray DVD is popular as the high definitional video effect and tremendous storage capacities, but as we all know, Blu ray DVD can only be played on DVD players, but what we should do if we also want to enjoy the Blu Ray movie on our mobile devices such as PSP, iPhone or Zune?

So here I want to introduce a powerful tool, which is Aiseesoft Blu-Ray Ripper , it can not only rip Blu Ray DVD, but also common DVD. Now the following two parts will show how to do this.

Part 1: How to rip blu ray DVD to video formats

Make preparation: Download and install Aiseesoft Blu Ray Ripper

Step 1: Click "Load Blu Ray" to load your Blu Ray Disc in to your blu-ray driver.

Note: You must first install AnyDVD before you load Blu Ray files. In the process of converting blu ray video, please do not close AnyDVD. Please make sure your AnyDVD is not expired.

Step 2: Select output video format.
After you select the files you want to convert, you can select the output format from "Profile" drop-down list.
You can also click "setteing" button to adjust the settings of your output video, such as "video/audio encoder", "Video/audio Bitrate", "Channels", "Resolution" and so on..

Step 3: Video Editing
Except the "Effect, Trim, Crop" funtions, you can also add txt and picture watermark to your video. To select word font or adjust your word position is also available.

Step 4: Click "Start" button to start your conversion

Part 2: How to rip Common DVD to video formats

Step 1: Click "Load DVD" to load your dvd.

Step 2: Select output video format.
After you select the files you want to convert, you can select the output format from "Profile" drop-down list.

Step 3: Video Editing
The editting functions such as "effect, trim, crop, watermark and merge" are also available.

Step 4: Conversion
Click the "Start" button to begin to rip your DVD.

Following is the sceenshot of supported input formats, output formats and devices

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Oct 16th 2010#200507 Report
Member since: Oct 15th 2010
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AVCWare iPod to iTunes/Computer/iPod Transfer is the full iPod transfer software integrated with iPod to iTunes Transfer, iPod to Computer Transfer, iPod to iPod Transfer and computer to iPod Transfer.

This iPod Transfer program can help you transfer, copy, backup all iPod files including music, video, photo, tv shows, podcast to iTunes, computer or other iPod, it can also transfer files from local to your iPod without iTunes.

Main Features:

1: Install the software into iPod and manage as hard disk
Install AVCWare iPod Transfer into iPod so users would be able to manage their iPod music, video, photos with this software on any computer; also makes music and videos sharing pretty simple and handy.

2: Manage iPod/iPhone as portable hard disk
Besides transferring music and videos between iPod/iPhone and PC, AVCWare iPod Transfer can also open your iPod/iPhone with Windows Explore to able you manage it as a portable hard disk.

3: Compatible with all types of iPod/iPhone
All types of iPod/iPhone are supported:iPod video, iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod 4G, iPod nano 3, iPod nano5, iPod classic, iPod touch 3.1.3, iPod nano5, iPod touch FW 3.0, iPod shuffle, iPod shuffle2, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone OS 3.1.3.

4: Manage and find what you want quickly
Create, rename or delete a playlist to manage your iPod/iPhone music and video files conveniently. Filter and Quick Search tools are provided for you to find what you want quickly and easily when you transfer music and videos from iPod to computer, iTunes library, other iPods, and iPhone.

5: High speed file-transfer
A great ipod to ipod, iPod to computer, ipod to iTunes transfer; AVCWare iPod Transfer takes as little time as possible to transfer videos and music between iPod and PC, iPod and iTunes, iPod and iPod/iPhone.

6: Simple interface and device information
The information about your iPod including type, capacity, version number, serial number and format are listed on the main interface for you to manage your iPod files easier. The interface is fairly intuitive and friendly to make all your viewing, searching, transferring tasks simple and quick.

7: Transfer iPod to iTunes
As an iPod to iTunes transfer, AVCWare iPod Transfer can quickly and easily transfer your iPod playlists, ratings, and other info directly to iTunes, transfer music and videos from any iPod back to any Windows computer. It can also transfer music and videos from your iPod to iPhone or other iPods.

8: Share iPod with others
As an iPod to iPod transfer, AVCWare iPod Transfer helps you easily share music and videos with your friends. Copy music and videos from your PC to your friend's iPod, or transfer songs or videos from your friend's iPod to your computer.

More Special Tool:
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Oct 21st 2010#200538 Report
Member since: Oct 21st 2010
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We can use the Aiseesoft Blu-Ray to iPad Ripper which is a powerful and easy-to-use Blu ray converter for iPad fans. It is specially designed for users who would like to rip Blu ray DVD movies for iPad. This professional Blu ray to iPad Ripper software supports converting Blu ray DVD to MPEG-4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MOV, M4V.


Software Development
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Feb 19th 2011#203183 Report
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What is DRM? Why do we remove DRM from WMA WMV ?

Have you download music and video from Windows Media Player, iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, bearshare, Spiral Frog, BBC iPlayer downloads? These popular WMA music and WMV movie download programs among the music fans always come with a disgusting word - 'DRM'.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) - The anti consumer copy protection that prevents you from using music or movies in a way that suits you. For example, if a WMA or WMV you downloaded from WMP(windows media player) that has DRM encryption, you can only play it back on a compatible device, so if every piece of music had DRM on it you would need to buy the same track on CD to listen in your CD player or car, as an iTunes download to play on your iPod, as a ms store download to play on your Zune etc, but since you paid for it once you shouldn't be forced to pay for it again and again and again, Now, here is a tutorial to tell some ways(burning DRM WMA to CD or with DRM Removal software) to remove DRM license from WMA WMV and other protected files then you can play the music video on phone, iPod, Zune, PSP, CD player, pc, burn DRM protected WMV files to DVD and copy drm protected wmv itunes m4v movie files to anything else that you can listen to music video on.

How to remove DRM from WMA WMV?

I got a few methods listed below:

1. Burn and rip(Applicable only to DRM Protected WMA files)
Actually, there is a common free method to remove DRM from WMA with 2 steps:
Step 1 Burn the protected WMA to a CD
Step 2 Rip them off to your computer, then the DRM should be removed from the WMA files.
But it's not very convenient and may wear out your CR-ROM. And windows media player can only burn and rip the WMA (or you will need DVD copy and DVD ripper for other formats).

2. Re-record
One of the most common and simple technology to remove WMV WMA DRM is recording the DRM protected WMA then use an ordinary converter to convert the recorded and unprotected files. Because this technology is easy to realized and easy to support more DRM formats besides protected WMA it is welcomed by most of the DRM converters like the SoundTaxi, NoteBurner , etc.
But there are some disadvantages for those DRM Removal programs.
1. The conversion speed won't get much improvement due to the long recording process.
2. Much audio and video quality could be lost during the recording process.

3. Hook
Hook is another new and more complicated technology which can be used to remove DRM license from protected WMA WMV files. Comparing with recording process, these sorts of DRM Remover have much higher conversion speed, but it's hard to make it support some DRM formats with new and lofty encrpytion tachniques.
And as far as I know, Daniusoft was one of its supporters. After giving a test for some free trials I found it is convenient to crack DRM from protected WMA WMV files with Daniusoft DRM Converter , it can remove DRM protection legally and convert other video & music even HD video in high quality. and here are the key functions of Daniusoft DRM Converter:

1.DRM remover
Legally remove DRM WMV/WMA/M4P/M4V/ASF... using record technically process which records play and saves the recordings in unprotected digital formats.

2.Video Converter
Convert all popular video: MP4, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, RM, RMVB, DAT, MOV, FLV, AVI, Xvid, VOB, MKV..

3. HD video Converter
Support convert high-definition video: M2TS, TP, TRP, TS, AVI..

4. Audio Converter
Convert any audio files between MP3, WAV, M4A, WMA, OGG, AAC, APEā€¦

Simple Steps for removing DRM from WMV WMA with Daniusoft DRM Converter: Free download DRM Converter, install and run it first.

1. Add DRM WMV , DRM WMA or other protected files.
2. Choose the output format you need.
3. Pressthe "Start" button.

Ok, Hope you can get some useful resources from this article.

Remove DRM from WMV WMA and your favorite music videos to release you media life.

If you are interested in other DRM Removal Software, you can check DRM Removal Reviews.

The following are some other popular DRM Converter tools:
1: DRM Music Converter
2: All DRM Media Converter
3: DRM WMV Converter
4: DRM M4V Converter
5: DRM WMA MP3 Converter
6: DRM Video Converter Ultimate
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